Welcome to the Softwhirr.com blog.

I’m Thom Falls, and I’ve been a professional design engineer for over 20 years. We stop counting after that.

I specialise in software design for communication systems, and I’ve developed solutions across a wide range of industries. You can learn a wee bit more about my domain experience over at the main page.

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Even more so if you want to put your name to it. We want to make high quality products that deliver value to the users, without causing them grief.

So, this blog is about how we can do the job better, making that software solution run like a well oiled machine. I write stories based on real world experience of trying to put theory into practice. My posts are less about specific languages or frameworks, and more about the software development process and the developers’ mindset.

I hope you find some of these thoughts useful!

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